Choosing My Sister's Partners Ch. 06

"Hey look at you girl!" I embrace her warmly and she absorbs my cuddle with an intimate tone and a soft gyration of her pelvis towards mine.

"Elpy so good to see you again," Alison returns to a less intimate, arms on sides embrace as we set eyes on one another.

"I'm so sorry Ali, I wanted to help and take you guys to the clinic this morning but I got utterly sidetracked, I feel quite bad!" I follow her through to the kitchen diner as we talk.

"Ohh, don't worry about us girls, we are naturally organized. Heading down there in about 15 minutes, so...!"

"Oh, great, Marsa as well?" I ask as we enter the kitchen diner and both Eilidh and Marsa are sat casually on the couch browsing their phones. Marsa looks up at me with a mixture of lust and sternness.

"I can't believe you stupid!" She stands and seems cross with me, although it feels a bit staged. I begin to apologise for being a mindless stud yesterday. But she doesn't even let me say one word. Eilidh lets out a giggle to suggest this is a prank.

"You left us all here after all what happen? Asshole!" Her polish accent sounds extra cute in anger as she takes me in her arms and her cheek brushes past mine to complete into a soft, intimate embrace.

"Marsa..." My voice is regretful and softly apologetic. She begins to laugh a little at how solemn I am being.

"So who feels nicest inside from us three?" She talks in my ear, letting me know that she has full knowledge of my sex with Eilidh and Alison. I'm lost for words for a moment before thinking fast.

"Too hard to choose, I'd have to try a few more times." I make sure my hand touches inside her thighs as I talk about her and her friends as though they were samples on a tray. She giggles softly as she manages to peel herself away from me. I find her personality magnetic. Eilidh also gets up and moves in for a cuddle. Her embrace is more explicitly sexual as she takes my right hand and rubs it across her lower abdomen, rather close to her mons pubis. I give her more than she bargained for by sliding my hand under her skirt and panties and running my fingers over her mound. It's so soft and firm and I just feel where it falls away to become her clitoris, the gentle valley of pleasure slipping away from reach.

"So, can I come with you guys to the clinic? I want to be a support." I manage to remove my hand from Eilidh's pussy before things get sticky.

"You better had!" Marsa looks on as my hand pops out of Eilidh's waistband.

"Me and Marsa are getting the normal pill as well, we've been talking about it this morning..." Alison says.

"I foresee a lot of incredibly happy, blissed out men in your futures." I prophesize.

"Um, so we were talking about stuff and," Eilidh begins.

"We want to be yours only..." Marsa finishes.

"Ooh...What?" I state pure disbelief at their idea. I frown at the impossibility of these girls wanting such a limitation.

"It's just this is what we want." Alison affirms.

"But... Me and my sister? She comes first to me, I am in love with her." I explain.

"You got me into same sex stuff for the first time... That's special." Eilidh grabs my arm as she talks.

"You are my first man, as well as getting me my first girl, in my first threesome, for the first time." Alison explains.

"Elpy, I want no other man than you for intimacy. Any less just won't do me." Marsa explains. I process this madness for a moment.

"Girls, please, you should reconsider. I'd never hold you to your pacts... now or ever."

"This is our choice." Eilidh nuzzles me with her nose and mouth in my neck and presses my skin between her lips. I stand there and reciprocate Eilidh's affection by kissing her forehead and pressing her breast down gently with an open hand. Realising I can't convince them away from their chosen devotion, I breathe out through my nose slowly.

"I hope I can be what you need me to be, then." I relent and accept their selfless commitment to me, knowing I am not worthy of the devotions of 3 girls, and my sister as well. But I won't try to control that which I cannot.

"Yes! And we will do anything you ask..." Alison squeaks and comes over to me to join the embrace. She paws at my ass and tries to kiss my lips. I accept her advances and allow her to play with my bum. I squeeze her lower lip between my own for an earthly kiss. Marsa steps between them in front of me and moves in, taking my free hand and placing it around her loosely covered breast.

"So this whole flat will be full of us all just for you. Even your sister soon too!" Marsa presses her chest into my hand and her breast feels soft and substantial.

"I can't say in a trillion years this would happen to anyone in history, ever." I muse at the impossibility of my luck. I move my hands between the three girls breasts, lofting and squeezing them through their blouses.

"This helps us, for our studies too. We don't waste time looking for stupid men with low chance of being worth the time, we just wait to meet your needs and we can focus on studies around that." Eilidh's rhetoric is... Sound.

"Huh. That works I suppose. Nice to have a practical reason to help me feel justified in that which I am not worthy." I iterate my lack of self esteem for such attention.

"Just as long as your sister accepts us too..." Marsa adds.

"Well funny thing about my pact with Jenna... We can only be together for 1 day after I find her one mate to have for a day. That 24 hours I get to be intimate with her resets before having to find someone else to agree to breeding her, after which I bring him to her, and wait 24 hours again. It seemed like a fun idea at the time, but now I just want the freedom to be with her whenever."

"Revise the pact, if you both agree then it's changeable I think." Alison pipes up.

"And until then, you have us to play with in between times." Eilidh presses her bum against me as she flirts.

"Oh! Let's go to the clinic now! Time is going on!" Marsa out of nowhere makes for the door and ushers us out. As we pass the door to my sister's room we glance at each other and sneak over for a listen. Sure enough, I hear her soft voice moaning substantially as she undoubtedly receives erect phallus inside her repeatedly.

"Damnit, I wish to be with her, her voice moaning like that..." I lament at how close I am, yet not there still.

"Hey, you've still got us to keep you company!" Eilidh slips her arms around my chest from behind as I pine towards Jenna's bedroom door.

"Thank you so much girls, I'd for sure have gone crazy by now and kicked her door in, breaking our pact..."

"Hey, let's go to the clinic already!" Alison opens the door into the stairwell and the girls file out with me in tow, their 3 backsides distracting me somewhat from my thoughts of Jenna.

As we walk 2 by 2 along the street, the girls rotate randomly so that they all get a chance to walk beside me and hold my hand. They encourage me to put my hands on their butts, thighs and chests and the journey is done before I know it. We walk in to the clinic and I lead the way in to escort the girls to the reception desk. Eilidh stands warded in my embrace while Alison and Marsa check in before we move off to the waiting room. I catch the reception lady looking at Eilidh and I with a bemused, disapproving squint as we enter before sitting at the corner of the long green couch that spreads around most of the waiting room. If she knew the half of it, I think to myself. There are 3 other people already there, meaning we could be waiting a little bit. Marsa and Alison manage to have me between them, temporarily putting Eilidh at odds not to sit next to me. her However, still sat next to her friend with new benefits, Alison.

There are 3 women, perhaps around my age that are currently in the room with us. They attempt to feign aloofness at a man their age walking in with 3 fresh university girls, and how we are sitting rather tightly together, as intimately active people might do. I do my best not to make things awkward for them, but these fired up girls are not so considerate.

"We all still have your cum inside us, otherwise this visit wouldn't be needed..." Marsa leans in my left ear and whispers, her lips glancing my ear and neck as she teases.

"That's so hot, just my sister left now..." I return her teasing, whispering towards her and letting our lips glance off each other. Alison giggles having heard Marsa and I talking about insemination and coils her arms around my right arm. She joins in by simply whispering into my right ear, "My pussy is still full of cum."

My vision dulls as passion goes to war against my brain and I start losing my inhibitions rapidly. I fight it to keep my hands from drifting under their clothes and playing with them. My seething cock has swollen down my left trouser leg as a hot meadow of fabric mimics my shape, leaving little for others who see it to wonder about. I look at the other women in the room and they are shifting uncomfortably, a sure sign that the girls are being too blatant with their body language.. And who knows, they may have seen my trouser area appendage issue. Before I can discourage them, Marsa's hand falls upon the inner top quadrant of my trouser leg, stroking down the length of my shaft and causing me to lean back into the couch and lose my mind into clouds of thumping pleasure. I exhale as she doesn't release my fabric covered cock from her palm, but continues stroking it very slowly. I grab her shoulder in my hand and hang on as if I'm about to fall. Her wonderful delicate shoulder feels great and just adds to my stimulation. I can almost feel the softness of her chest emanating from her big breasts even though my fingers barely cross her collarbone.

Alison has started playing up as well, stroking her hand on my chest as my right hand grabs at the fabric of her blouse as if I was drowning. Out of the corner of my eye I see one of the patients shifting uncomfortably and I assume the others will be the same.

"Girls, girls, not now!" I manage to slur my command with some authority and pull my senses back together before we get charged with a breach of the peace. They luckily relent, presumably realising that they could get into real trouble both from their health centre and the law. These sexually charged females are difficult to keep under control it would seem. Marsa's hand reluctantly slunks away from my simmering cock, returning to cross her stomach and comfort herself a little at the denial of intimacy.

The other women waiting in the room have looked across with a relieved half sigh half giggle at a situation averted. I try to break the ice with the room at the expense of my concubines.

"Sorry ladies, I'd swap these troublemakers for you as compensation!" My girls immediately feign outrage and keep the tone humerous. One of the waiting patients rolls her eyes and goes back to her magazine, but the other two look at us and lean in with a brief glimmer of adventurous hope, before raising their eyebrows and dismissing my offer as a joke. Returning to their phones, I sigh and turn to Marsa.

"You are in so much trouble, just you wait." I whisper under my breath into her ear and her body shivers at the idea. I see that coy look in her eye and her seductive smirk, as if she's just secured an aggressive breeding session with me. Not wrong. She does a little sitting dance with her torso as I turn to Alison.

"You are going to get it later, bad girl!" I grunt under my breath towards her and she leans towards me fearlessly to hear her fate.

"What about me?" Eilidh pipes up, audibly to the room.

"I'm gonna cum down your neck." I growl at her quietly, putting shock and arousal into her body language immediately.

"Yum!" Eilidh blurts out automatically, and a little loudly to boot.

"What the hell, you do that to me as well no?" Marsa insists she experience my source bursting into her mouth.

"You just might if you don't watch it." I threaten playfully, giving Marsa a squint eyebrow and a mean grin as I turn to look at her. This deep flirting is the majority of our back and forth until a nurse comes in and asks for both Alison and Marsa. Unusual to me, but perhaps as they organized it together they can be seen at the same time.

"Behave yourselves there!" I tease them as they get up and reluctantly leave me alone with Eilidh. The other 3 girls have been seen before this point and now it's just me and Eilidh in the room. I suppose the times for pre arranged appointments is drawing to a close as it comes to be 1 o clock.

I try to remain nonchalant as the door closes and the room belongs to Eilidh and I. But, of course I notice her playing with her hair in an exaggerated, poised and flirtatious way.

"I see you, princess." I give her an all consuming stare, taking in her flowing hair, sumptuous bumps on her chest, defined jaw, slender arms and delicate legs. Thigh highs with a short skirt, this girl knows what is up.

"Do you like me?" Eilidh asks me an odd question, one I thought obvious. She runs her hand down her blouse, gently touching her breasts and abdomen before going back to playing with her hair.

"Well, how do I put it..." I try to choose how to describe how I feel from one of innumerable ways available to me. She blinks expectantly.

"Let's swap chats so you can send me pictures of yourself." I pull out my phone, unlock it and pass it to her. She adds herself and passes it back to me. I load her up and set it to send a picture to her. The camera opens up and I pull my trousers open letting my cock burst up out of them.

Her phone pings and she loads up the picture of my wet glans, dripping with precum from their mischief before, especially Marsa stroking it.

"Now you know it's me." I jest, and see that she has started to set herself up for a selfie to send back to me. I get taken by surprise when, contrary to me thinking she would take a flirty selfie, she actually dives under my cock with her mouth before spreading her tongue along my glans, half laying it between her lips and then snapping herself mid suck. Instead of pulling away safely and immediately, my precum taste stops her from abandoning her pose and instead she makes sure to clean it all off of my flared cock. She now can't stop and seems to want to cash in my earlier threat.

My penis taps against the back of her throat as my phone pings from her sending me her explicit dick eating selfie. I lean back and create her contact on my phone while she gags herself a little on me.

"Eilidh, better get your face off my dick huh?" I tease her while I look into her watering eyes that blink innocently up at me. I beckon to the rather windowy room of public access we are in. She seems to be enjoying asphyxiating herself on my shaft with the added risk of public exposure. She doesn't relent at hearing my suggestion, rebelliously slipping my glans deep into her neck.

"Defiant young beauty, aren't you?" I exert authority in my voice, a confidence accompanied by my hand palming over the back of her head and pushing her lips to my base. Tears roll silently down her cheeks as her neck fills nearly to her sternum with thick, throbbing penis. Now it's up to me when she takes her next breath, and her throat is nicely warm, soft and wet. I feel her lungs pulling on my shaft desperately as her whole body contracts in a futile attempt at drawing breath. But she doesn't tap out, remaining defiant and resolving herself to go without air for her stud.

Listening to her rasping inhale as I finally withdraw from her neck is sadistically satisfying, mixed with her reluctance to recoil and her legato of closeness with my body, the body language of a girl mentally obsessed with being as close to me as possible.

"Good job they have a ventilator here," I begin with a soft chuckle, caressing her face and wiping away her tears in order to lick them off of my thumb. Her smile is undefeatable as she seems to experience pure joy from being used like a sleeve for my dick. Eilidh is not done and starts pumping my slimy shaft with her hand, gently squeezing my balls with the other.

"I'm gonna paint myself with your semen!" I glance around as she develops tunnel vision attention towards my glans, pumping and pining for a dose in her face. Still no sign of anyone coming, the ample windows around the room giving me a good view. Spatterings of precum hit her cheeks and the rapid regular slapping of her hand hitting my crotch reverberates in the empty room. I'm pretty nervous that we would only have seconds to stop if someone approached. But I can't fight the urge to cum all over Eilidh as she sucks my tip briefly and pumps me quickly.

"Oh fuck, it's coming!" I warn her that she has succeeded and the seed will flow. She holds her face right down to my tip and with a few final long delayed thrusts she finally gets the first jets of semen striping across her cheeks and mouth. Further cartridges of cum blast across her forehead, eyes and nose. He recoil is brief on being struck by the white liquid but she does not relent and stays close to catch all of me onto her bust. As the last streams calm down to drops that bead along my glans and shaft she licks them off and sucks my tip like a lollipop. She's a complete mess and I wonder how on earth she will conceal the fact that she has been caked by a big load of my cum.

A giggle and a lustful suck on my shaft completes her work before she sits down next to me and holds my arm. I pull my clothes back up and lean down to her creamed face to share a gentle, lip sucking tongue flicking kiss.

"I had an orgasm while I was dying on your cock..." Eilidh finally speaks after our lips reluctantly part. I stare down at her skirt, my focal point underneath between her legs as I marvel at her revelation.

"That's the hottest thing anyone's said Eilidh. Damn, you look amazing with my cum all over your face." I swipe one decent sized glob from her cheek with my finger and feed it to her, making her go slightly cross eyed with the smell and taste of me. Her tongue flicks along my index finger as she sits beside me, her arms viced around my muscular bicep in a shivering lust as my source invades her inside and out.

"Ooh fuck, I'll never wash again." her flat declaration is a cliché but it's still saucy and sexual in the moment. At that, Alison and Marsa open the door, each holding a prescription box, obviously birth control, and a separate smaller box which I am assuming is the more urgently required drug. As they approach, Alison first notices Eilidh's slimed face and seems to know instantly what has happened. Her response is to jog over, lean down and begin kissing Eilidh's face to remove my paint and eat it for herself.

"Well that's adorable." I comment as Alison behaves like a dog licking her owners face. Marsa looks on with shocked arousal, the motion in her arms and hips giving away her curiosity.

"Oh! You shot on her face?" Marsa's broken english is adorable, nodding at her I beckon her next to me on the long waiting couch.

"She refused to stop. Luckily no one came..." I explain. Marsa despite her slightly broken English understands the double entendre and nails her response.

"Except you huh?" We both giggle. I poke at her stomach playfully yet unmistakably sexually, making sure to get longer stroking presses instead of tickling pokes.

"Girls, girls, come on let's go!" I turn finally to the friends with benefits and encourage them to end their grooming session. I check the time as we leave, gone 2 o clock. 2 hours until I see her.


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