No More Control Ch. 27

Meanwhile, Sonya was still standing naked outside of her apartment on the verge of a no-touch orgasm. She was well aware her nudity addiction had progressed to extreme levels and she was uncertain if she even had limits. The very act of going outside in the nude and exposing her body where she could get caught was enough to stimulate a strong sexual response. Looking down at her naked body past her flat stomach, she could see her clit standing at attention. Her clit was about 1 inch long when fully aroused and proudly pointed out in whatever direction Sonya wanted to walk.

Below her clit, her swollen pussy lips engorged by arousal were leaking just a little bit of cum. She could hear the few drips hit the concrete below as a small sweetly scented puddle formed beneath her. Ever since her fainting spells, her body chemistry either started making some unknown pheromone or in some aspects her own cum had become unnaturally sweet smelling affecting everyone around her. She was certain that's how Marietta got pulled into her lifestyle and she felt it was only a matter of time before Samantha began to let go of her inhibitions too.

Fighting the urge to touch herself, Sonya locked her hands behind her head living her breasts higher where here nipples were pointing slightly upward towards the sun. Regulating her breathing, the naked woman tried her best to relax and focus on achieving her orgasm. She had never been this aroused before but she was so on edge that she felt this was as good as a time as any to try and achieve her goal. A few minutes had passed and she was wondering what was taking Sonya and Marietta so long to get back.

She hated to force the no clothing rule on Samantha so quickly, but she was so enraged by seeing clothing in her home. It seems her arousal level and hatred of clothing were hand in hand. She made a note to behave herself if she was ever invited over to a friend's house. Would she even be able to make new friends with her constant nudity?

Lost in her thoughts, her clit began to pulsate demanding attention. Her hips started bucking the open air begging for her touch. Sonya fought the urge to resist and tried to focus on her orgasm. It was about this time, Samantha and Marietta emerged from the next door apartment. Both naked women were all smiles. Samantha still looked a little reluctant and embarrassed, but that changed when she saw Sonya standing there air humping the sun. Samantha's eyes grew wide with amazement. Marietta could feel herself getting wet even though she didn't quite know what was happening.

First to speak, Marietta asked, "Uh, Sonya are you ok? What are trying to do exactly?"

"Trying to achieve orgasm while naked in public and not touching myself. I think I can do it." Sonya said this with her closed. She was really trying to cum with her mind.

"So that's what this is? I thought it was really bad dancing," Marietta spoke with a little bit of sarcasm. She mad a smirk on her face and walked over. Swaying her hips and bouncing her breasts just so. Sonya opened her eyes and watched her naked friend walk towards her. Samantha started idly playing with her nipples looking at the naked goddess and watching Marietta's hips sway and her booty shake.

Seeing so much naked skin in public was something Samantha had never seen before and the visual stimulation was making her horny. She was never this attracted to a woman before but Sonya's body just begged for all to see and get aroused by her. Watching Marietta sway her hips in confidence fully nude was beginning to inspire Samantha. Maybe she too could be half as confident as these naked women.

She also took the opportunity to observe Marietta. She was not bad looking herself. She had a thicker build than Sonya. Marietta had shapely hips, larger breasts, a sightly olive skin complexion and a round full face. Her black straight hair complimented her fully nude body. One would say she was thick in all the right places and her belly was mostly flat but proportional to her thicker dimensions. Samantha always desired to have larger breasts, but was never interested in augmenting her body through surgery. Looking at the stark contrast of naked bodies in front of her as well as her own petite frame, there was a change her preservatives. Her own body image was changing for the better.

As she began to play with her sensitive nipples and rub her pussy, in that moment Samantha realized her body was not that bad. It was her experience being nude outside in the open air with the possibility of being seen. Her male lovers never had complaints but she just never found "the one" to settle down with. While she was still young at 25, she just had not found that special person to settle down with. By no means was Samantha extremely promiscuous but in some ways like Sonya, she was looking for some kind of awakening. For the first time, Samantha was really enjoying her body and the skin she was in. Showing her body out in the open for these two women was extremely satisfying. She continued to watch the scene unfold in front of her as Marietta began to tease Sonya.

By this time, Sonya's concentration was broken. She started to break out in laughter. Her perfect breasts bouncing with her giggles. Her radiant smile beaming. She still tried to lock her hands to the back of her head in attempt to maintain conversation and achieve her goal. While she was still very turned on, she lost her concentration to push herself over the edge. She figured she would have to find a situation to try again later. Now she was just a horny aroused mess who needed to cum.

Because Marietta's back was turned, she didn't see Samantha has closed her eyes and was playing in her pussy. The visions of Sonya and Marietta's naked bodies were flowing through her head. She could feel the sun on her backside and the air caressing her legs and bare ass. With one hand, Samantha was playing in her pussy twirling and making the wet sexy sounds a nicely lubricated pussy makes. Her other hand was pinching her nipples. She began to bend her knees in pleasure. Sonya smiled looking at her new naked friend enjoy public masturbation. Marietta saw Sonya's gaze shift and turned around to witness the sight of a new naked convert. Marietta also began to smile. She was no longer jealous of Samantha. In fact Marietta's devious mind began to race all sorts of new ideas.

Sonya's nudity addiction was sudden and aggressively transformative through unforeseen events and circumstances. That in itself was an amazing spectacle that in over a few short days had led Sonya to abandon all caution and live without any clothes by choice. Samantha's situation was something new entirely. While she had also progressed quite quickly, she was willing to be told what to do and followed through to be accepted despite her apprehensions and inhibitions.

Just like Sonya had transformed Marietta to compromise with her own nudity, Marietta felt she could mold Samantha's willingness to please into a sexy situation. Sonya would be bold and fearless. Samantha would be submissive and willing. Both would go naked in public. Marietta began to get aroused at that thought. While she herself may never be as bold as Sonya, she wanted to push Samantha to new levels of shamelessness.

Life was good for these 3 naked women and their new lifestyle and sexually charged friendship.


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