An Evening With the Girls

It was a Friday night and I had just gotten home from work when the missus texted me to say she had told Lauren, our daughter, that she could have her friend Jodi over to spend the night. Never mind my evening plans. Never mind that my wife was out of town and would not be back until Monday. I was now playing unplanned host to two girls and be damned what I might want. That "what I might want" boiled down to someone else cooking and me sipping a nice glass of Laphroaig while reclined in my easy chair and watching something stupid and forgettable. But... I was stupid enough not to refuse.

As it was, when I got home, I changed into a pair of jammie pants and my favorite Flash Gordon t-shirt, then set about cooking dinner. That there were a pair of girls torpedoing through the house while shrieking and giggling about topics I really wish I had heard less about, did nothing to change the necessities of the evening.

While I reduced a pork loin into cutlets I would eventually transform into a cheater's schnitzel, I sipped on a nice glass of my aforementioned Laphroaig scotch in an attempt to mute my awareness of the metaphorical and literal noise of the hyperactive duo. After getting the meat ready, the breading put together and my mis en place taken care of, I popped the cork on a bottle of 1998 Chateau Plince. I just love that bacony finish! That bacony finish was a beautiful thing. It was a beautiful thing that left me in a sadly stupid state.

One delectable meal of schnitzel, prosciutto wrapped asparagus, mashed potatoes, and crème brulee (and more of the bottle of Plince than I care to admit) later, I was nicely sated, relaxed, and reclined in the easy chair. I clicked on the TV and immediately had the remote stolen by the girls who plopped down on their stomachs on the floor in front of the idiot box. Not being in the mood for the Harry Potter films I put my iPad in my lap and started drifting through the novel I was reading. It was about half an hour later that I got up to pour my last and stupidest glass of scotch.

Now... I would like to say I had not noticed Jodi's rear end before, but that would be lying. To say I had not looked up from my book to stare at it from time to time while they were splayed on the floor before me would also be a lie. Quite frankly, the girl had an ass for which supermodels would kill. The curve from her smooth upper thigh to the supple rondure of her butt was only subtly creased and the shorts she wore did nothing to disguise it.

Anyhow, it was while refilling my glass of scotch that the girls asked me if they could have a beer...

Having always been of the "better here where I can ensure safety and keep things from getting out of control" school of thought, and incautiously intoxicated... I said...

"Sure! But you'd probably like a glass of wine a lot more."

Yeah... I'm an idiot. We covered this.

And I proceeded to open a bottle of Sauternes that indeed... they liked. A lot.

I think about an hour passed before I noticed that Jodi had spread her thighs kinda wide and I could see up the leg of her shorts. It was maybe ten minutes after first seeing the white mid panel of her panties that I noticed her glancing over her shoulder at me as I stared, and smirking.

Allow me to describe the goddess that had ensnared my drunken lust. She was 5'5" tall with blond hair. Her eyes were the blue of lapis lazuli framed by gold rimmed glasses. Her bust was maybe a b cup and couldn't have been more perfectly formed. She was shaped as if by the hands of the gods of lust. The sight of her could jumpstart the heart of a dead man and her scent was roses and vanilla.

Moments after I made inadvertent eye contact with her, Jodi leaned over to my daughter and the pair started whispering.

My daughter sat up and turned towards me. As Jodi had primed my brain for sex, my eyes immediately went to her nipples poking through her white t-shirt.

"Dad, can we put something else on?" she asked.

I am usually slightly more aware of subtext, but as I mentioned I'd been drinking and... that's right. I'm stupid.

"Sure" I replied.

The girls immediately turned away giggling and pressing their heads together before putting on a decidedly more... FLESHY film.

I have no objection to heavy R ratings, and the mellow saxophone while a camera panned over a cityscape at night was all I needed to identify the genre.

"Popcorn?" I offered to the pair of nymphs on my living room floor.

"Only if you will share it on the couch!" Lauren replied.

I stood and ambled into the kitchen to pour oil into our medium pot, and a half cup of kernels on top of it. As I stood before the stove shaking the pan to make sure the kernels didn't burn, I was surprised by a pair of lithe arms sliding around my waist and a pair of soft breasts pressing against my back. My daughter leaned her head against my shoulder and said "Daddy, you're the best. I really liked that wine. Can we have another glass?"


How do you argue with that? My little girl loves me coupled with the disturbing sexual thrill of her soft unrestrained a-cups pressed against me. I felt the warmth of her body against my back and hips and after token resistance capitulated.

"Sure, honey. The bottle is right over there." I said while gesturing to the table and shaking the tattoo of exploding kernels. I am ashamed to admit that THAT is when my cock began to swell.

Guys out there will understand what I mean when I say there is a moment when you do not have a hard on, but you know anything else will mean you do. That is where I was. That was when my daughter broke the "hug", backed away, and...

Smacked my ass as she left.


She smacked me on the ass, giggled, and ran back into the living room.

Now please tell me, what was I supposed to do with that?

I continued shaking the popcorn. Slack-jawed. Half hard.

By the time I had a bowl of popcorn, buttered, and salted, and made my way back into the living room to sit down; the girls were already on the couch. Both in too tight t-shirts (the little minxes had changed outfits while I was busy) and loose cotton shorts, sitting on either side of the couch with only one spot for me to sit. Right smack in the middle of the pair who immediately scooted up close to me and started pulling snacks out of my lap (that's right... I said it).

Each of them had leaned in close and every time they would reach onto my lap for a handful of corn, they would rub a breast against my bicep. It was hell for a man trying very hard not to go to jail.

About an hour in... the lights were off, as was the lead actress' top. I had long since leaned my head back and pretended I was asleep as the girls continued to snuggle against me.

"Do you think he's out?" Jodi whispered to my daughter.

I felt a hand gently tickle my ribs. I learned as a child with a mean big sister that if you want to survive a tickle monster, you refuse to react. I refused.

"Yeah, he didn't jump." Lauren quietly replied.

I felt the girls shift around on either side of me and the bowl of popcorn was lifted off my lap.

This had the side effect of leaving my thickened cock obscured only by a thin layer of cotton. I felt hands sliding onto the top of each thigh before I felt the one on the right, Jodi's side, slide over and squeeze my dick.

That did it.

What had been a semi became a full fledged hard on.

"Mmmm! Look at that!" I heard Jodi whisper.

"Wow" said Lauren. "I never saw him with a hard on..."

I felt hands on both sides pulling at the waistband of my pajama pants until my cock flopped free.

"Oh my! Daddy's got a big one!" My daughter whispered. I could feel her whispers blow across my exposed dick, making the monster twitch.

"I told you it was sexy!" Jodi said to my daughter. "I dare you to lick it!"

"Eww! No!" she replied, still sotto vocce.

"Well if you aren't gonna, I will." Jodi told her.

I felt breath closer and closer to my cock, just before the soft rasp of a tongue slid across the head of my engorged manhood.

My daughter gasped as Jodi's tongue ran up the length of my dick.

I felt weight shift as if the girls both suddenly looked up at me for a reaction. I managed not to move beyond the involuntary twitch of my now almost painful hard on.

"See..." I heard Jodi whisper and felt the exhalation against the head of my cock. "I told you! Your turn!"

I felt the weight shift on my left. My daughter leaned over, and I felt a mouth wrap over the head of my cock... a tongue swirling around the side and bottom of my hard head as she began to suck slightly...

She lifted up and whispered, "You're right... this is totally sexy."

The girls giggled quietly and moved my waist band up over the head of my turgid cock, sealing it back away as they moved back up and snuggled up against me. I felt a soft pair of lips lingeringly kiss the left side of my face along my jawline, almost to my neck.

"I love you so much, Daddy." My baby girl whispered.

On both sides, my arms were pulled into an embrace, the girls squeezing my biceps tight between their young breasts, my hands falling onto bare leg, palm up. Beneath my pajama pants, my dick twitched with excitement. I pretended to wake up as if startled, flipping my hands over quickly and squeezing a thigh on either side. Both girls jumped slightly as I sat up a little. I didn't move my hands.

"Oh, hey Princess... Jodi... Guess I kinda zonked out there. Sorry about that." I mumbled, still very aware of the soft swellings along my arms and the soft thighs beneath my palms. I leaned my head back again and mostly closed my eyes, keeping the barest slits so I could see their reactions. "Mmmm... I was having the best dream..." I said, my fingertips stroking small circles on the inner edge of the girl's thighs, just a few inches below the hems of their shorts.

I noticed my daughter was blushing furiously, and both girls began to breathe a little quicker. "I dreamed I had the two most beautiful girls with me, and I wake up and it was real. You just can't get better than that..." Jodi shifted slightly beside me so gravity and dragged my hand further up and inward on her thigh. My daughter in the meantime put a soft hand on my wrist and slid my left hand up to the junction of her thigh, just barely beneath the leg of her shorts, to where my fingers grazed her soft cotton panties.

"I don't know, Dad... I think we've got it pretty good ourselves..." Lauren sighed as I continued my light caresses along the inside of her thigh.

Jodi, in the meantime, had begun running a hand over my chest, moving down to the bottom of my shirt to slide beneath it, her soft fingertips grazing my stomach as she leaned over and whispered in my ear "I think you're super-hot."

I can't lie... I had been smitten by this nubile deity for months if not years. She was one of my daughter's oldest friends and had been to my house hundreds of times. Never before had the vaguest inkling of her as a possible sexual mate entered my mind... but now...

I BOLTED upright and stood, turning to face the couch in an act to regain my senses. "Girls, this has to stop." I declared with all of my feeble will.

"I love you both and would kill to protect you, but that includes from trash like me."

I looked down upon the breathtaking duo. Their eyes were wide and they shrunk back as if smacked. "Please, you are both the most unimaginably beautiful girls... I love you both and... and..."

I turned and walked out of the room, my erection leaning forward in my oh so flimsy pants bobbing up and down as I leaped the stairs up to the bedroom that would hopefully provide me solace from the temptations of my sexy daughter and her stunning friend.!/


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